Saturday, 22 August 2015

Version 0.1.23 is live!

Hi everyone!

Voxel Turf has been undergoing many changes since the v0.1.0 alpha release. We are currently on v0.1.23, with many of the major features added to the game. Here is a brief overview of the major changes:

  • The Economic Engine has been added. Constructing buildings with the point and click interface in the map mode will create buildings with economic effects.
  • Cities have come to life! Cars and Pedestrians appear on streets now, the rate of which they appear is dependent on the city population.
  • Enemy Mobs called Associates hide out in bases scattered throughout the map. Watch out, these buggers are a challenge to take down.
  • Diplomacy and warfare is in! If you and another player have bases, you can declare a turf war, capture them and demand them in a peace treaty.
  • Network code has been drastically improved.

Some compatibility issues to watch out for:
  • Old maps will work, however roads will likely not spawn cars, bridges will not spawn cars correctly if they do. You can bulldoze and rebuild the roads to get them to work.
  • Old maps will not have Associate Bases spawn on them, as these are spawned on map generation.

A new city, DemoCity, has been bundled with this version, replacing Map301. This city is much larger than the previous one. To play around on this city, go to Host Server, click New Game, Load Map, and select DemoCity.

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