Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Greenlight Status & Version 0.1.24 is Live!

Hey everyone!

Our Greenlight campaign is going well, we are currently sitting at 74% of the way to the Top 100, and our Yes to No vote ratio is 10% higher than most games in the top 50! However we still need more votes to succeed - Please remember to vote, favourite and follow our Greenlight campaign!

Version 0.1.24 is live! Its main addition is a convert-to-base button, to allow you to create quickly create bases without the tedium of the current method of making bases. Creating a base via the button will automatically place a Spawn Flag in the centre of the lot.

I have also done some network optimisations. There was an issue in multiplayer games steaming from lots of citizens being spawned in adjacent buildings by players entering them, and this could cause congestion and lag on slower connections. This has been fixed by only transmitting citizen data if the citizen is in the same building as the player.

I've also done some serialisation optimisations for mobs, so things like cars and citizens now consume and average of 10% less bandwidth!

While playtesting on Sunday night, someone download the demo and logged into our server, and went on a tank rampage! This are are the remains poor girl's house. Here is a tweet of the event:

That's all for today!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Quick Tips for Getting Started In Voxel Turf

Scroll down for download link

Want to explore an existing city?
  • Start up the game and click "Host Server"
  • Click "New Game", then "Load Map" and select "DemoCity" from the list
  • Hit "Start" to start and join the server.

 Here are a list of quick tips to get started:
  • Press TAB to open the in-game menu. From here you can either buy blocks, edit your inventory, open the map, or open diplomacy with other players.
  • B, N and M are shortcut keys for the Buy Blocks menu, Inventory menu, and Map menu.
  • Press ESC to close any open gui windows
  • WASD to move, E to open doors, toggle switches or entervehicles.
  • Cars can only be entered if they are moving less than 1m/s. Try to hijack cars at intersections, or stand in front of them.
  • For buildings to make money, they must have a road go along the side of the building where the driveway is. A building must also be in the range of a base (18 lots range)
  • To make a base, purchase a lot, then get a Spawn Flag from the Buy Blocks menu, then place the spawn flag in the lot. Bases also act as spawn points when you die.
  • Hold control and use the scrollwheel on your mouse to "morph" blocks into different shapes.
  • Right click when placing blocks to rotate them.
  • To remove blocks and decals, use the "remove" item. If you drop it (with the Q button), you can repurchase it for free from the Buy Block menu (its the first item, press B).

Features that are in the Trailer that are currently in development and are not in-game yet (but will be as a criteria for release):
  • The mission system
  • The notoriety system
  • Loot does not spawn yet in Associate Bases
  • You can not currently turn your custom buildings into economic buildings

Quick City Building Guide:

Sawmills are a nice cheap building to start with. A sawmill's population is based on the number of nearby hills lots (and therefore trees), and a building's income is based on its population. So, to begin:

1. Open the map by pressing M.
2. Build a Sawmill near the hills.
3. Build a road in front of the sawmill.
4. Make a base near the sawmill, buy purchasing a vacant lot and placing a spawn flag.

Now that you've got some industrial population, they are going to need somewhere to live. Your residential demand is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You probably have a residential demand of ~20-30. So build houses! Make sure that they are facing a road and are within the range of your base.

Tip: More expensive buildings can yield more income per population

Wait a few minutes for the buildings to populate - residential and office population are updated every minute.

Okay, now we have a small residential and industrial population. Lets get some commerce going! Because our population is still very small, you should begin with a small business. a General Store is a good way to begin. It has a customer base of 80, so its profit maximises when there are 80 people living in its economic radius (18 lots). It also has a maximum of 8 employees, which will also add to residential demand.

Now you can keep expanding by making industries and houses for the employees, and occasionally making businesses to service the population. Once your city grows big enough, office demand will start to take off and you can start to build offices to earn even more income!

Population Demand Rules:
  • Residential demand is dependent on the industrial, commercial and office population. Rdem = Ipop + Cpop + Opop.
  • Office Demand is dependent on the industrial and commercial populations, but grows faster as the total size of your city grows.
  • Industry has no demand - if a building is in a profitable location, it will become populated. If you need to stimulate residential or office demand in a city, build industry!
  • Commerce has no demand either, but a buildings profitability is dependent on the surrounding residential population.

Version 0.1.23 is live!

Hi everyone!

Voxel Turf has been undergoing many changes since the v0.1.0 alpha release. We are currently on v0.1.23, with many of the major features added to the game. Here is a brief overview of the major changes:

  • The Economic Engine has been added. Constructing buildings with the point and click interface in the map mode will create buildings with economic effects.
  • Cities have come to life! Cars and Pedestrians appear on streets now, the rate of which they appear is dependent on the city population.
  • Enemy Mobs called Associates hide out in bases scattered throughout the map. Watch out, these buggers are a challenge to take down.
  • Diplomacy and warfare is in! If you and another player have bases, you can declare a turf war, capture them and demand them in a peace treaty.
  • Network code has been drastically improved.

Some compatibility issues to watch out for:
  • Old maps will work, however roads will likely not spawn cars, bridges will not spawn cars correctly if they do. You can bulldoze and rebuild the roads to get them to work.
  • Old maps will not have Associate Bases spawn on them, as these are spawned on map generation.

A new city, DemoCity, has been bundled with this version, replacing Map301. This city is much larger than the previous one. To play around on this city, go to Host Server, click New Game, Load Map, and select DemoCity.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Friday Dev Session [05/12/14]

Hey everyone :)
On Friday, as usual we were testing our exciting new feature which allows you to click and place whole lots which has now been added in the game. Must say, we saved a lot of time building a city. Twigz has also been playing with fortress style walls, which can survive a very large amount of blasting! This week we began building our criminal bases/mafia hideouts. We also managed to build a few more simple type houses as start off point houses for those who want to start small as well. A sawmill was also created which looked absolutely amazing. A few FPS style shooting hideouts and runs were created and we had a lot of fun putting them to the test.


All in all I feel like things are coming together quite nicely and I am super excited for our next playtest session this coming Friday. If any of you would like to join, feel free to jump onto our server at 9pm South Australian time and get involved with our mayhem.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Friday Dev Session [28/11/14] - My Rocket Launcher has Unlimited Ammo

Hey everyone :)

On Friday we hosted a remote playtest session with four people to test the recent addition of the "click and place" whole building system that has been released with the last patch update. The new system made it incredibly easy to fill a map with a city. It only took 5 minutes tops to get a nice city ready for destroying which is what we like, means more time for demolition.

Before... Point and Click Building

The city that was built in the beginning was almost unrecognisable by the end of the session. We had a lot of fun chasing each other through the town with rocket launchers, seeing who could out run the other players the longest. We lost track of time and ended up playing until 1 in the morning! It's easy to do with destroy mode, you get carried away rather quickly with all the exploding!

After This was an office tower


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

So I Figured Out How to Enable Antialiasing in SDL2

So I figured out how to enable OpenGL Multisample AntiAliasing. Simply put the following before you call SDL_CreateWindow:

 SDL_GL_SetAttribute(SDL_GL_MULTISAMPLESAMPLES, SC->multisampleLevel); 

Where SC->multisampleLevel is the multisample level. I find that values greater than 4 may crash on some machines, so I've made it so that you can only select up to 4xMSAA in the graphics option menu. If you want to go to 8x or 16x, you have to edit settings/video.txt.

And here are the before and after shots:

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