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Quick Tips for Getting Started In Voxel Turf

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Want to explore an existing city?
  • Start up the game and click "Host Server"
  • Click "New Game", then "Load Map" and select "DemoCity" from the list
  • Hit "Start" to start and join the server.

 Here are a list of quick tips to get started:
  • Press TAB to open the in-game menu. From here you can either buy blocks, edit your inventory, open the map, or open diplomacy with other players.
  • B, N and M are shortcut keys for the Buy Blocks menu, Inventory menu, and Map menu.
  • Press ESC to close any open gui windows
  • WASD to move, E to open doors, toggle switches or entervehicles.
  • Cars can only be entered if they are moving less than 1m/s. Try to hijack cars at intersections, or stand in front of them.
  • For buildings to make money, they must have a road go along the side of the building where the driveway is. A building must also be in the range of a base (18 lots range)
  • To make a base, purchase a lot, then get a Spawn Flag from the Buy Blocks menu, then place the spawn flag in the lot. Bases also act as spawn points when you die.
  • Hold control and use the scrollwheel on your mouse to "morph" blocks into different shapes.
  • Right click when placing blocks to rotate them.
  • To remove blocks and decals, use the "remove" item. If you drop it (with the Q button), you can repurchase it for free from the Buy Block menu (its the first item, press B).

Features that are in the Trailer that are currently in development and are not in-game yet (but will be as a criteria for release):
  • The mission system
  • The notoriety system
  • Loot does not spawn yet in Associate Bases
  • You can not currently turn your custom buildings into economic buildings

Quick City Building Guide:

Sawmills are a nice cheap building to start with. A sawmill's population is based on the number of nearby hills lots (and therefore trees), and a building's income is based on its population. So, to begin:

1. Open the map by pressing M.
2. Build a Sawmill near the hills.
3. Build a road in front of the sawmill.
4. Make a base near the sawmill, buy purchasing a vacant lot and placing a spawn flag.

Now that you've got some industrial population, they are going to need somewhere to live. Your residential demand is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You probably have a residential demand of ~20-30. So build houses! Make sure that they are facing a road and are within the range of your base.

Tip: More expensive buildings can yield more income per population

Wait a few minutes for the buildings to populate - residential and office population are updated every minute.

Okay, now we have a small residential and industrial population. Lets get some commerce going! Because our population is still very small, you should begin with a small business. a General Store is a good way to begin. It has a customer base of 80, so its profit maximises when there are 80 people living in its economic radius (18 lots). It also has a maximum of 8 employees, which will also add to residential demand.

Now you can keep expanding by making industries and houses for the employees, and occasionally making businesses to service the population. Once your city grows big enough, office demand will start to take off and you can start to build offices to earn even more income!

Population Demand Rules:
  • Residential demand is dependent on the industrial, commercial and office population. Rdem = Ipop + Cpop + Opop.
  • Office Demand is dependent on the industrial and commercial populations, but grows faster as the total size of your city grows.
  • Industry has no demand - if a building is in a profitable location, it will become populated. If you need to stimulate residential or office demand in a city, build industry!
  • Commerce has no demand either, but a buildings profitability is dependent on the surrounding residential population.

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