Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Greenlight Status & Version 0.1.24 is Live!

Hey everyone!

Our Greenlight campaign is going well, we are currently sitting at 74% of the way to the Top 100, and our Yes to No vote ratio is 10% higher than most games in the top 50! However we still need more votes to succeed - Please remember to vote, favourite and follow our Greenlight campaign!

Version 0.1.24 is live! Its main addition is a convert-to-base button, to allow you to create quickly create bases without the tedium of the current method of making bases. Creating a base via the button will automatically place a Spawn Flag in the centre of the lot.

I have also done some network optimisations. There was an issue in multiplayer games steaming from lots of citizens being spawned in adjacent buildings by players entering them, and this could cause congestion and lag on slower connections. This has been fixed by only transmitting citizen data if the citizen is in the same building as the player.

I've also done some serialisation optimisations for mobs, so things like cars and citizens now consume and average of 10% less bandwidth!

While playtesting on Sunday night, someone download the demo and logged into our server, and went on a tank rampage! This are are the remains poor girl's house. Here is a tweet of the event:

That's all for today!

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