Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Friday Dev Session [05/12/14]

Hey everyone :)
On Friday, as usual we were testing our exciting new feature which allows you to click and place whole lots which has now been added in the game. Must say, we saved a lot of time building a city. Twigz has also been playing with fortress style walls, which can survive a very large amount of blasting! This week we began building our criminal bases/mafia hideouts. We also managed to build a few more simple type houses as start off point houses for those who want to start small as well. A sawmill was also created which looked absolutely amazing. A few FPS style shooting hideouts and runs were created and we had a lot of fun putting them to the test.


All in all I feel like things are coming together quite nicely and I am super excited for our next playtest session this coming Friday. If any of you would like to join, feel free to jump onto our server at 9pm South Australian time and get involved with our mayhem.

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