Monday, 1 December 2014

Friday Dev Session [28/11/14] - My Rocket Launcher has Unlimited Ammo

Hey everyone :)

On Friday we hosted a remote playtest session with four people to test the recent addition of the "click and place" whole building system that has been released with the last patch update. The new system made it incredibly easy to fill a map with a city. It only took 5 minutes tops to get a nice city ready for destroying which is what we like, means more time for demolition.

Before... Point and Click Building

The city that was built in the beginning was almost unrecognisable by the end of the session. We had a lot of fun chasing each other through the town with rocket launchers, seeing who could out run the other players the longest. We lost track of time and ended up playing until 1 in the morning! It's easy to do with destroy mode, you get carried away rather quickly with all the exploding!

After This was an office tower


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